Say Life Gives You Lemons…& Dried Blueberries

January 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Streets clogged with the shells of squashed packing peanuts. That was Minneapolis last night. It was impossible to drive in all that snow. My car (which I named Chuck Norris, aka Chuck, aka Charles—-if he’s feeling fancy) was having a heck of a time with the snowbanks. He had to roundhouse kick his way out of the parallel parking job we found pre-concert at Bryant Lake Bowl.

After a night of electro-static-sweetness and Thom York-esque crooning (by OME), I drove home, collapsed in bed and proceeded to dream about the lake behind our house, hamburgers, swimming suits, and summertime in general. All things that are most definitely out of season. So, this Saturday morning found me disappointed and thinking of warmer days. It’s true, I woke up at the groggy hour of 10 AM with full-on sun shining on my face, but there was also the sound of neighbors out snow-blowing their driveways, so yeah—-still winter time.

I meandered downstairs on a mission. I haven’t baked scones in the longest time, and now that I was thinking of weather that was impossible to enjoy, the least I can do is bake something that, if not for cross-country shipping, I would not be able to do.

So, bring on the lemons, bring on the blueberries. And accompany those with a side of blackberries and strawberries: all things that are best enjoyed in the summer. Preferably post-dip in the lake. I had a recipe in mind. It was something I stumbled upon on Epicurious. Blueberry-Lemon Scones with a buttermilk glaze. I stole the skin of a florescent lemon. I meshed my butter into my flour with some blueberries. I turned this out with some flour, then threw them into the oven for half an hour.

It’s crazy, when you think about it, that we can enjoy any fruit or vegetable, or what-have-you, any time of the year. True, those roma tomatoes taste like a lot of nothing during the winter, and berries cost an arm & a leg, but still—-if we want it, we can have it. It is possible. Most of the time though, the things we want most—-maybe even think we can’t live without—-are not available to us, or they won’t be available this season. It’s that aching feeling. If you’re from the Midwest, it’s easiest to liken this ache to snowscapes: looking out the window with a cup of tea, feeling melancholy as you dream of the days you won’t have to kick your boots off before getting inside your car to get the snow off. If you’re far away from someone you want to see, it’s the same thing. Wrong season. There’s no vegetable truck that can bring these things to you. Culinarily speaking though, we’re spoiled.

We can spend nights out spinning tires in the slush, dream of warmer days, then wake up to at least taste some semblance of what we want.

Oh—-and, in case you’re wondering, this scone recipe was bomb.


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