Pe-can’t Believe They Disappeared So Fast!

December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Pecans in any way, shape or form are a favorite of mine. Try pulsing them with powdered sugar, baking them into a salty-sweet shortbread cookie. They vanished as soon as they settled onto the wire rack to cool. Home for the holidays.

This year it seems like I left my body in France. Taking too much brain with me. All I do is ponder, stare out the windows of my folks’ house at the trees weighed down with snowfall. It’s better to throw those thoughts into the food processor along with my toasted pecans. Do something productive! Make something delicious! And so I relocate a recipe that Jess gave me a few weeks ago, guaranteeing a crowd-pleaser. Dude. She was so right. Jacques, my little plastic friend, even helped me cut out the cookies. (It’s the little things in life, really.)

And so, I spent the afternoon baking cookies. Brushing them with egg whites, dotting their “i’s” with a single pecan. In and out of the oven went pan after pan, and so–I added to the plethora of cookies already filling the kitchen. My mom had a cookie exchange with some friends and neighbors a week ago, and the left-overs from that soirée are hiding inside tuperware containers in drawers, cupboards. Even in the garage. My Pecan Sables sat on a plate for approximately 24 hours. I, too, disappeared fast. From France.

It’s been exactly one week since I left Toulouse. My flight took off at 6:40 AM. X brought me to the airport around 5. The city was solid black. It was apocalyptic. Silent. Not another person to be seen. The highways on the way to Blagnac Airport were vacant. The airport itself had more life. There were at least a few bodies milling about, but not much conversation.

It was totally surreal. I said a sleepy goodbye (one that I was too distant to process), got onto my airplane, and was promptly snatched out of the country. We can gobble shortbread cookies, we eat vast quantities of holiday sweets…

Places, too, can gobble us up. Sometimes spit us out. It feels nice to be gobbled.


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